Education is not just a fundamental right. It is a fundamental nature of human beings. It may appear in the first glance that our instincts are more fundamental towards surviving, but what makes us different in the act of surviving is the active use of creativity. What is creativity you ask? It is simply doing things in a bit different way than how others have done it and arriving to solutions. Other living organisms show patterns in behaviors and often show similar kind of routines and habits, until things go really wrong or out of routine. We humans evolve and adapt at a very faster pace. This innate nature of humans to be very pro-evolution and pro-adaptation simply points towards the fact that learning new facts and getting used to them is an essential part of us and helps us survive. This makes Education as something more fundamental than just a ‘right’. It makes it our characteristic, just like eating and breathing. This makes depriving someone from Education as serious as depriving someone from food or oxygen.

Our Idea is very simple. We strive to facilitate and encourage education for everyone. Education should not be modeled across the idea of quantification and judgment, like marks and exams. Rather they should be modeled around the idea of grooming the ‘best’ version of a person’s character. If any person exhibits the best version of them at all times, they will automatically resonate to productive values of hard-work, sincerity and creativity towards the work or education they are assigned to. Imbibing sincerity and creativity assures progressive and productive citizens.

Currently we are engaged in teaching the ones who are socially less privileged and the ones who are age-wise more fearless. We will be expanding our programs soon. We are engaged in designing curriculum which will resonate with our philosophy of ‘bringing out the best’ of human-kind.

If you are someone who believes that you can help us in any way, or can give us some constructive criticism or just feel like dropping us a hello, please write to us from the Contact Us section. We shall love to hear from you.