21st Century Education: Are you ready for Neuro-revolution ?

Once in a while i get so excited by what i see in a youtube video that i promptly jump in to elucidate the excitement i am feeling right now.

Lets directly jump in to the video and let it sink in:



If you have seen the video, it is about how plants communicate using electrical signals just the way we do using our brain!

So does plants have a brain ?


But who needs a ‘brain’ when they can play with electricity!

Who needs a brain when they can derive energy from sunlight!

Who needs a brain when they can oxidize oxygen!

We haughty humans can’t do that yet so efficiently, and we assume plants are dumb ?

Welcome to 21st century perception of life.

Well, the pillars of this thought that plants have life and there is a lot to learn from them were laid long time back by Dr J C Bose and other scientists (https://www.thebetterindia.com/76587/jagdish-chandra-bose-indian-biophysicist-radio-plant-physiology/ ) but it is now when we have truly evolved to demonstrate this fact in front of all. And Oh boy ! What an amazing feeling seeing Mimosa gently bow down to the signals of Venus fly-trap!

What are the lessons for the 21st century educator ?

Take neuroscience seriously!

Take nature seriously!

Take nothing for granted!

We are in an age where there are much much more surprises in the field of life. We are equipped, to explain thanks to the works of our past generation, and are capable enough to propagate the knowledge in a creative and lucid way to the future generations as well thanks to modern technology and arts!

Thanks a lot to Greg Gage for such a lucid demo and talk!

You have motivated us to push our limits and we wish to collaborate with you, once we actually get what amazing stuff you fellows are doing!



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