21st Century Education: From teacher centric monarchy to learner centric anarchy (Part-1)

As we cover different changes that our educational system needs to be prevent itself from eventual decay, this change from teacher centric monarchy to student-centric anarchy, we consider, as one of the most important change that is needed in terms of classroom engagement.

Before jumping into demeaning “anarchy” as a state of disorder or no rule, kindly consider the definition as given by anarchists themselves as what is their idea.

Anarchy stands for ‘no ruler’. It does not mean there are no rules.

The rules are evolved by interactions between the participants and can be subject to modification.

There is no authority figure who sets the rules and certainly no authority figures who can be seen as above the rule.

So lets do a thought experiment to see how can repressive hierarchical systems can do deep damage to our human existence a whole.

Conventional system of education: Teacher centric monarchy

another brick in the wall के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Another brick in the wall – Pink Floyd resonating with the learners need for liberty (https://alexmorellon.deviantart.com/art/Another-Brick-in-the-Wall-297412444)

Consider a series of scenarios which any typical person in their middle age has experienced.

  1. During childhood parents are like gods. They have to be obeyed without asking questions. Parents, if they believe in imaginary gods, the child should also bow down to those gods without question. Because “God loves you!” Or….SLAP!
  2. During school time teacher are like gods. When they speak everyone should be silent. They are generally beyond judgement, merely by taking the position of a ‘teacher’. Exams and tests are for kids only. Because “Teachers know what is right and wrong! Guru brahma Guru vishnu Guru devo Maheshwara. But dear Guruji, kids are unable to understand what you are trying to teach. Will you please open your eyes to come back to the real world ? I am not here to blame only the teacher, especially being one. But the onus is on the teacher as they are considered to take the more mature decision.
  3. Kids who obey parents and teachers are rewarded. Those who don’t are punished, isolated and labelled as deviants. Because, “You are an ignorant sinner who deserves punishment/social exclusion!”
  4. There are certain skills that are important and certain skills that are considered useless. The authorities have the right to decide and discriminate as “They know what is good and bad for you!”.
  5. Once we reach adulthood we are supposed to behave like an authority figure. At the same time there are bigger authorities like religion, state and capital whom we have to bow down to.
  6. All the well paid jobs are basically to support this authoritarian system. Because, “Without this system how will we survive ?”
  7. No matter what happens we are not supposed to question the authority and follow it as ‘They are doing so for our good only”.
  8. Also if someone is found to be fraudulent then also, “It is one off case, generally all authorities are good because at least they allow us to live!”

It is time we burst this myth.

The primary objective of  ‘inculcating obedience’ instead of ‘improving rational and emotional empathy’, is to make sure that we set a nice pattern right from the childhood so that the authorities get away with their sins and the ‘masses’ are left voiceless and powerless.

This dynamic is set forth by a mindset which discriminates and judges people based on perceived weaknesses.

  • All children are weaker and dumber than their teachers and parents. (Oligarchic authoritarian education)
  • All bosses are more competent, intelligent and more valuable than their employees. (Organisational Hierarchy)
  • All religions which get a majority in a country starts oppressing other minorities.
  • ‘Men’ deserve more rights than ‘women’ due to their ‘might’. Transgenders (LGBT) confuse us so they are banished from the society. (Gender Discrimination)
  • Rich people ‘earned’ their way through their hard work and ‘smartness’ so they deserve better life than poor people.
  • Certain ‘caste’ and ‘race’ deserves to serve other caste or races.

Sounds familiar to the world we are living in ?

It is easy for us to conform to the norms even if we very well know that the norms are being broken by those very people who govern us, employ us, mass entertain us and distract us.

Ain’t our schools been giving a carrot for conformity and a stick for creativity in the childhood ? And whenever there were creative events in school weren’t they bound by ‘competitive games’, again creating a hierarchy based on talent and ‘expert’ teacher’s semi rational semi subjective decision on ‘which is the best drawing/dance/painting/speech etc’.

So….Does it make you afraid to ‘stick it up to the big man’ ?

Or is it now too comfortable to obliviously be a brick in the wall ?
















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