21st Century Education: Teacher centric monarchy learning centric anarchy (part 2)

Some of you might have noticed a subtle change in the heading….from learner centric to ‘learning centric’.

The change is due to change in perception, as the core focus area of this social reconstruction oriented anarchist school is the ‘learning for social reconstruction’, the focus is not ‘teachers’ vs ‘learners’ anymore, the bigger VS is

We the learners VS Our collective Ignorance.

For anyone who is willing to be a life long learner, one thing we need to keep telling to ourselves is that we can learn and keep learning forever! In that case, the focus of the classroom is the adventure into our ignorance itself and not the captain or the crew. If a classroom is such that each and every participant gets to carve out their own unique path towards learning, then the overall learning of the classroom would be rich and diverse. We should not be surprised if kids come up with ingeniously better ways of learning something.

As long as there is a central figure in the class, the onus of the central figure is to decentralize the methods of learning, not make it further complicated than it already is, and encourage all participants to devise new methods of learning. It is only when we make new mistakes we get opportunities to learn more in the hindsight.

A classroom running after full marks and textbook answer under the guidance of one central teacher at best will generate a few good followers of instructions or at worst end up being just a long monologue with kids being just another bricks in the wall.  No wonder we are familiar with the common protest from the bored kids; whispering, yawning, giggling; and the teacher shouts, “Silence!”

Wonder what a classroom will evolve into when all the learners are involved in the process of learning as a focused activity without any fear of marks and mistakes. 21st century is beckoning us with a realm of learning and knowledge so fast, well connected and unseen by the generations before, let us not miss the adventure by diverting our attention towards petty marks, compulsory robotic obedience and unnecessary competitions.





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