Who are we ?

Educators for Equality
Who are we?

We are a group of like minded people who have gathered together to make, teach and design curriculum with methods which will encourage creativity and independent thinking and tell the young minds that no question is wrong, no idea is small and it is very much necessary to dream.


We work on giving role-models to students so they have someone to grow old with and get inspired. We then get the inspired students to inspire students younger than them, so that the circle of inspiration goes on amplifying with each generation.

We are working in fields of Scientific research, Education, Medicine, Environment and Social Service, who want to bring our ideologies to affirmative action.


We consider education as a strong tool for social re-construction.

Irrespective of our other inclinations, we collectively subscribe to the ‘fundamental human rights‘ inter-subjective belief system and we firmly believe that right to education, especially as a tool for social re-construction with changing times, is the central station from which all other human rights can be claimed and cherished.  

We want to make resources and education available to those who have been marginalized by the system so that the playing field can become more equal and the ‘game’ itself more forbearing for the next generation of the 21st Century to lead. You can know more about our work on www.edufe.org
We need volunteers for the following activities:
1. Tutoring children in Turbhe from standard 7th to 12th, You can tell us your availability and we will make the arrangements likewise. You can give them extra support beyond school and solve their doubts.
2. For various Environmental sustainability programs that we want to monetize: Urban home composting, Urban Gardening/ Terrace or rooftop gardening, Recycling and Upcycling: we will provide the basic materials and training and you can help us make the products which will be -compost, homemade organic vegetable and agro products, recycled art and showpieces.
3. Help in setting up of a viable business model this could involve helping us getting registered, helping us plan the next steps of the business, develop a sales pitch and find markets.
4. We are trying to undertake a massive baseline study of the slum and chawl areas of Turbhe, Sanpada, Juinagar, Chembur and Govandi. For which we need volunteers who will do door to door survey, Focus group discussions, needs assessment and generate reports so that we can Identify problem areas and design projects. In each of these, We will closely help the volunteers in achieving tasks. In turbhe alone the ‘estimated’ sample size is 2500 houses (7000 people) living in throes of poverty and other socio-politico-economic inequalities.
5. We are also in the process of developing a curriculum of education beyond what is made available to students right now, we want students to learn, imbibe and apply wholesome knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. This learning should and will not just be limited to Science, Maths, and Social studies but also core values like Empathy, confidence, and fairness. For this, we are looking for like-minded people who will sit down with us and help us design an elaborate curriculum which we will integrate with the existing education system. This is probably the longest task we have taken up as we will keep this process dynamic and adaptive as times change.
You can reach us at
Jogitha: 9930186410 / jogithakjosey@gmail.com
Or our official email: educatorsforequality@gmail.com Please share this as much as possible!