Before it’s too late lets drop the anchor!

Skewed is the society we are living in.

Skewed and dissected.

Dissected and disconnected.

Systematically desensitized.

Desensitized in terms of the work we do,

hobbies we pursue and morals we uphold.

Steadily thickening walls that compartmentalize

into different colors, careers and cultures.

So cut off we are that the more we become an expert in A,

The less we care or value for B.

Every time we fail to see,

how all letters are needed to make a sentence complete.

Placing one over other seems to be the only game

we have learnt to play, or maybe forced to do so.

A play so devilish it breaks the laborer backbone.

And puts power hungry parasites on the prime pedestals.

Ever increasing disparity is what we earn in turn.

Where one side is silently suffering death by drought,

Other burning in their own hedonistic hell-fire.


To hell with the time and tides of the past,

Come hell or high water, let’s be steadfast

We are sailors in the present moment and we see

our ships steadily drifting towards the same wrong turn.

For we have so many children and their bright sparkling eyes

Children of all ages, all genders, all colors and sizes.

May they not shed the same tears of bondage

Of being trapped doing wrong things in a wrong place.

Anchor right next to the most skewed space

Get people together and end the rat race

Figure ways out of this crazy living maze

Deadly traps we need to fight and eradicate

And keep doing so till every one is safe.


We will reach a place so safe and free

where A and B can sit right next to C and D.

All right up to Y and Z can come under one canopy.

Each one have their unique charm,

each one get their due dignity.

Free to live free to breathe, free to work, free to play gleefully.

Safe to live, safe to breathe, safe to work, safe to play peacefully.

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