Co-creating ‘Bhagat Singh’ as a role model for educators and life long learners

Bhagat Singh was someone who never wasted time in idle armchair philosophical debates. Nor he was someone who said something and did something else. His direct attack on religion, capitalism and caste system is a sign of someone who thinks thoroughly and expresses clearly.

Apart from the social evils, he had lots to say on the inner demons we need to fight in order to ‘educate’ ourselves as a vibrant life long learner.

His first attack is on inner passivity. Passivity stagnates everything, makes us lazy. Makes us justify laziness and inaction. Pulls down morale of people who are fighting against laziness and inaction. Once we become a victim of inner passivity then our whole life is just a big list of unfulfilled wishes and half-hearted compromises. Passivity fears change and pulls down change makers. Sharing his view on passivity,

संबंधित इमेज

Translation: Generally people get accustomed to the way things are and are intimidated even by the thought of change. We have to overcome this spirit of passivity and install the spirit of revolution.

Again passivity is not just in the thought process. It also builds up when we try to work on our thoughts and try to realize our cherished dreams. That whole process of realization of dream requires rigorous action, repeated and reforming action despite setbacks. This is where many ‘educated’ people fail.

Most of the ‘educated’ people never got a chance to appreciate the dignity of labor. Labor and sweat. Labor, sweat and blood that can over time break mountains like the way Manjhi, the mountain man did. Unless we actually ‘do’ something over our ‘great ideas’ then all we are doing is just a form of intellectual masturbation. All seeds of ideas that could have given birth to a new reality going literally down the drain. So have we settled down with just ‘having great ideas’ or are we working out to make them come true ? To finish it off with more power of his words…

“The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realize truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life…”        

Don’t you think Bhagat Singh would have been a great role model if he was still around, educating children ? Shall we collectively try to make him alive by imbibing his spirit of revolution and pass it on to the next generation ? Please comment if you wish to be a part of “Collective co-creation of Bhagat Singh”!



For those who know Bhagat Singh only from text books and movies, a small poem, Bhagat Singh – The Iron Willed, to inspire you to read his words and realize that his weapon was a pen, not a sword.



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