21st Century Educator: From ‘sage on the stage’ to ‘guide by the side’

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We all have gone through lectures.

Some of us are so used to giving many lectures, solicited and unsolicited. All those ‘passionate educators’ out there might have definitely given a nice looooong lecture.

long lectures sleeping के लिए इमेज परिणाम

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Ocasionally, a bit too loooooooooong!

And I am guilty as charged feel really sorry to all the students, even friends, family members and occasional auto-wale bhaiyyas and chai wale bhaiyas as well, for giving long lectures, solicited or unsolicited!

Even though how much well intended our ‘effort to communicate and clarify’ might be, as long as the listeners are made to sit passively and keep munching in an extra large portion of same flavor of lecture, they are bound to get bored and would eagerly look out for some spicy sauce, amongst their  friends or within their head.

So how can we make the ‘inner sage’ leave the stage ?

What role better suits this age ?

Let the kids control the ride,

Let’s be there, for a little help, as a guide

They’ll get by, with a little help, from our side.

Some guidelines based on personal experience to try out on how to be a “Guide from the side”

  1. By setting up the stage real neat and quick and letting kids speak. A lot. And maybe recording them.
  2. By tolerating some noise and deviation and not losing temper. Anyways losing temper is a very childish way of trying to discipline a class.
  3. By discussing with kids themselves on devising disciplinary rules.
  4. Appreciating all the kids who come forward to share.
  5. Motivating all those who are shy, nevertheless lets not compare them. They have other ways to silently shine.
  6. Being generous with laughter, music and dance.

Let us learn how to inculcate a sense of celebration in the dry formal curriculum.

For example, let’s all learn from this uber cool physical education teacher Jared Paschall! संबंधित इमेज(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b-2wEkhOnk)


dance gif के लिए इमेज परिणाम

So what are your strategies to be a guide in the side ?


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