Swatch Turbhe Ke Sikandar

February 4th, 2017:

There’s Oscars for artists, Nobel Prize for scientists…..but what about our amazing sanitation workers ?

Three cheers to the ‘Swachch Turbhe ke Sikandar’!

We along with students of Samta Hindi Vidyalaya celebrated and organized an award ceremony for the Safai Karmcharis who clean up Turbhe every day and night. About 40 safai karmcharis in the locality were invited and felicitated with a medal and gift for their invaluable service of sanitation.

The gift ceremony was anchored by the schools previous year ‘topper’ Ashish Gupta. Not satisfied with securing >95 % in the board exams last year, he now wakes up early in the morning for teaching junior students of his school (before his own 11th std college), and hopes one day they will stand on his shoulders and achieve greater heights.

The award ceremony was be followed by cultural program performed by the current 10th standard students to highlight the importance of waste segregation at source, cleanliness, on how to make a compost bin, importance of Safai Karmcharis and on how to reduce pollution etc.

One of the objective of this session was to bring out the 10th std textbook lessons on ‘Our Environment’ to practice and at the same time revise the important concepts and register it in a playfully memorable way.

The event was also attended by the local NMMC authorities who came forward and appreciated the sanitation workers for their tireless effort and contribution. We hope for even more support from the authorities to so that Swatchcha Sarvekshan and Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan actually benefit the real Champions of Cleanliness; we hope for a continuous ongoing commitment from them.

We were delighted to have Mr Sunil Yadav, a leader among Safai Karmcharis, and PhD student at Tata Institute of Social Science, who graced the occasion and motivated his cleanliness comrades to pursue education and to relentlessly fight for their rights.

The grand finale was magical performance by a young and vibrant magician Multitalented Bajrangi! Brought up in juvenile home orphanage at David Sasson’s Industrial School, Matunga, he shared his life story and inspired the kids to think independently and to keep learning new things and new stop at it.

His signature move is to make money appear out of burning papers! (Get a glimpse:

Swatch Turbhe ke Sikandar was an event to firstly express our gratitude to the sanitation workers; who deserve our respect, support, attention and affection.

Over time we will be working with the community and update about their lives, dreams, hopes and expectations.



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